I am now up to almost 6 months of living in Sweden and with the club's end of year party having been held last weekend it makes sense to write a bit of an update on my autumn winter races and training.

I ran 25manna and Smålandskavlen for the club this autumn, both in the second teams. Both races were really good experience for me and went quite well apart from missing towards the end of both courses. I also really enjoyed the formats of the races as well, I think if they could be introduced in Britain. 25manna could be a viable alternative to the "British Club Championships/Compass Sport Cup". Relays really build club spirit in an individual sport and so creating more of them in Britain would be a good idea - especially now that another relay format has been introduced at World Champs.

I have also run some individual competitions this Autumn. The performance highlight has certainly been Mila by Night, a mass start night event held in Stockholm

My training has been going well and I think my body is adjusting well to training more, it now almost feels strange for me not to run before breakfast or at least train twice a day. The tricky thing will of course be maintain a good solid level through the winter as the darkness, snow and other things close in. This brings me onto motivation and Project 2015.

"Project 2015 is an athlete led initiative working with the wider orienteering community with the aim of achieving the best British results possible at WOC 2015 and beyond... Project 2015 starts here, 3 years to go before the home WOC. How do we make the most of the home advantage and up our game? What do we need to do between now and then to make sure that we are ready to bring home the bacon?"

You can keep up to date on Project 2015 on the website: www.project2015.co.uk/