Last weekend I competed in the Senior Home Internationals (SHI's) for Wales. They took place in Merthyr Tydfil in the heart of the welsh valleys so I was hoping that the home advantage would help for some good races. 

On the Saturday was the classic race which I had been selected to run up to the senior class. This meant a full 15.3km classic. The area was a very special moorland area with lots of depressions and rock detail. Unfortunately despite feeling strong I made far too many big misses near the controls to be anywhere near the leaders. James Tullie of Scotland won the race in a time of 86.14 heading up a Scotland whitewash in the senior mens class. I finished in 6th in a time of 97.54, not very pleased with my days work.

The sunday brought the relays and the welsh plan was to try and stay with the leaders for as long as possible. I had a good race on first leg, sending Rhys Findlay Robinson out in first, just seconds ahead of the chasing Scotish team. Rhys then ran another good leg to come in 2nd place and send us out with a fighting chance. Unfortunately for us the Scottish and English strength in depth meant that we had to settle for 5th place in the end but considering the strength of these two teams we were pleased with this result.

Results can be found here 
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