Since starting back running about seven weeks ago things have been going really well. I had to revise my aims for the cross country season and took the races as a painful means to an end in getting back in to some sort of shape. I have managed a good block of training and am starting to feel like i'm almost back in to the shape I was in before my injury. Those long hours put in on the treadmill over Christmas have definitely paid of. 

I have been getting in quite a lot of technical orienteering - particularly sprint. While many people headed to the Midlands this weekend for a run around a town I stayed in the sprint capital of the world to run the orienteering race that ran alongside the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival (SHAFF). SHAFF is an annual event and incorporates films from a load of extremely cool sports. I would certainly recommend searching for Danny Macaskill on youtube for those who have not heard of him. 

The orienteering race was planned by Oli Johnson on an area of new map around Park Hill and Sheaf Park. As you can see below it's another great area on our door step. The course was well planned with a good variety of leg lengths and route choices to choose from. I orienteered well around the course and my only time loss was at 15 where I did not see the small set of stairs loosing about 15 seconds. 
The courses took in the Cholera Monument as well as the Victoria Quays. 

Unfortunately Kris was a bit ill so was not in the best of shape for a closer battle. 
Splits are here: 

Now begins a tough few weekends of selection races in the run up to my finals. Busy, busy busy. 
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