As the Irishman Ronan Keating says "life is a roller coaster, you just got to ride it". 

I've actually just googled the lyrics to that song and as expected they are all third rate and out of context for this post so i'm just going to take my time and roll with the snippet to say what i've got to say (give yourself a pat on the back if you got that one). 

Training had been going extremely well. Ridiculously well in truth. I was flying. I turned up to a fell race (leg it round Lathkill) in November, at the end of a tough week of training, and equaled the second fastest time ever on the course (set by Llloyd Taggart in 2008). The plan that I had set out at the beginning of the year was being implemented perfectly. I had decided to step it up this year, I felt I was ready for that step. 

Unfortunately at the squad weekend in Hebden Bridge I ran in to some trouble. I ran the hills session in the morning feeling good but during the drills session in the afternoon a pain came on in my left foot which when I stopped at the end stiffened up good and proper. A few days later and the pain had localised to my second metatarsal. The physios gave me some words of encouragement saying that it still could be soft tissue but the niggly pain, despite getting markedly better, did not go away. 

I saw the squad physio this week who thought it was a stress fracture an x-ray confirmed our suspicions.  
My fracture looked like this apart from mine was in the 2nd not 3rd metatarsal. Healing well and small. 

So lessons to be learned in terms of pushing it in training. I'm lucky in that its come at a good time. I will have plenty of time to prepare for the big races in the Spring so we can bring out the "Didier" again. 

Its given me more time to do some work for the upcoming January exams at least. 

Its spinning on the agenda for me for a few more weeks. 

In other news this is the coolest video i've seen in a long time.